So I figured my first post should be a little bit about myself, so buckle up it’s probably going to be a wild ride. I know I’ve linked to my Facebook page over there –>
but I’m going to try to keep some things as generic and anonymous as I can.

I am a God Serving, God Loving Christian that tries my best to do the right thing and live my life as close pleasing God as I can. I was raised in a Christian household with 2 sets of Godly Grandparents and the most Godly Great Grandmother and best example I could have ever asked for; I was truly lucky to have all these wonderful role models in my life growing up (I just lost my last grandparent (my Grandma) back in December) in addition to my grandparents, I had the pleasure of having a set of Great-Great Aunt & Uncle; and LOTS of Great Aunts & Uncles.

I have a wonderful close knit group of Family and Friends which keep me sane and grounded (No kids, but there’s my Mom & Dad, Sister & BIL (Brother-in-Law), Niece & Nephew, Aunts, Uncles & Cousins. I also have the most wonderful Boyfriend (I’m going to call him Chef, since that’s what he does and when he reads this he will probably laugh at this) who I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. He has been so supportive and encouraging to me and has been there for me to lean on when I honestly didn’t know how I was going to make it.

I’m not sure what is considered middle age anymore and I don’t like to think that I’m quite there yet; I’m still under 40 (for another year or so at least) and I’ve always been told that your only as young as you act…wait…that’s not right…it’s as young as you feel, right? Well sometimes I don’t feel so young but if you know me then you know I definitely don’t act my age. I like to have fun and joke around, one of my favorite things is the whole “That’s what he/she said” if you don’t know what that is; Click Here

I live in the beautiful foothills of North Carolina the population is somewhere around 69,000 over 757 square miles (the largest county in North Carolina land wise). We are famous for being the Moonshine Capital of the world and the birth of NASCAR. I love living here because we have the Mountains; we Beaches; we get all 4 season, I honestly couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

I am an avid reader; which this is where the blog thought process started was to talk about what I’m reading; review stuff I’ve read; forward free book downloads that are out there etc but I then I thought I might just make this blog more of a mashup; anything goes kind of thing (isn’t that what most people do on their blogs anyway?) My favorite genre to read is Mystery/Thriller but I really like all kinds of Fiction, the only thing I’m not crazy about is the Romance Novels, however some of the books I read could very easily fall into that category.

I love movies, TV & sports, my favorite type of movies are Horror #1 then it’s a tie between Action/Adventure, Comedy, Thriller/Mystery, Etc. I’m not real crazy about most SciFi because I really don’t like the Alien type movies, however Star Wars is an exception that case in my book. As far as TV I watch so many different things, my DVR is so full that I have to delete things that I hope will come back up on reruns at some point or that I can find on Netflix to watch later. Sports, I love College Basketball (GO TARHEELS!!) Football (Both College {again, TARHEELS} and Pro {Panthers} yes I pull for the hometown teams) I also like Baseball (Braves) and (don’t hate) I like Wrestling…I’ve gotten to where I don’t care much for WWE but I like TNA Impact & Lucha Underground MUCH better! Chef and I will go to local wrestling matches some weekends and have so much fun.

I’ve met some of the guys & girls from Lucha (which my favorite of the three) they were all so super nice and very accommodating when talking with them and asking for pictures. I’ve met a few from TNA and with them it’s kind of hit & miss; some where very nice, others acted like they didn’t want to be bothered. I’ve met a few of the “Old School” wrestlers from the WCW days and they were awesome to talk with but some of the newer WWE guys again weren’t all that accommodating. (Note: when I met most of these it was a meet & greet at an event so they were being paid to be there)

Okay let’s see….what else….OH Yeah; Job…I work in the office for a manufacturing facility; right now we are all SOOO incredibly swamped with work that we all have multiple titles it seems. My office job title is Administrative Assistant…but I am also the Production Scheduler, Shipping Coordinator, I guess you could add Material Handler since I relieve inventory for items used in the manufacturing process. In addition to that I order Office Supplies, handle Incoming & Outgoing Mail, Receptionist, Complaint Department… lol

Okay so I guess I’ve bored you enough for now; if you are reading this please leave a comment below as to any comments on this post, let me know what you would like to hear more about, what would you like to see in future, what would you not like to see…I’m pretty much an open book and I’ll answer any questions honestly and openly (within reason of course)



2 thoughts on “Now, this is a story all about how My life got flipped-turned upside down, And I’d like to take a minute, Just sit right there…

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